Trunkd’s Business Concierge is a like having your own dedicated team member answering the phone for you. The difference is, this team member can take as many calls at the same time, and answer the most commonly asked questions for you. This allows you to focus on your why you started your business - and it wasn’t to answer the phone! Highlights of Business Concierge include:

Smart Business Phone Number

Get a new local business phone number (US or Canada). Best of all - the whole setup takes less than a minute and you're open to the world!

Your Business Concierge

Configure your Business Concierge by adding a greeting, setting up your features and start automatically responding to common questions through your smart menu or via text message! With few clicks and quick setup, your Business Concierge will help you organize your business, and help you communicate with your customers intelligently.

More information at your fingertips

With voicemails being transcribed and distributed to you and your team members, messages will never be lost. An analytics dashboard will help you understand who's calling and when, so you can make adjustments to tweak your Business.

How can Business Concierge help my business?

Business Concierge transforms the way you communicate with your customers

Set up your Business Concierge

It takes minutes to set up your Business Concierge. Onboarding your new team member only takes a few clicks and they're ready to answer customer inquiries for you. Custom actions make Business Concierge flexible enough to cater for your business needs.

Focus on your Core Business

Never miss a call again. Rest assured that all calls are picked up so there are no busy signals, so you're always ready for business. Get Business Concierge to help place orders or let customers know about promotions, with the option to connect to a live person.

Some Examples of Business Concierge in Action

  • Restaurants
    Make sure you can handle incoming take-out orders during busy times where you can't afford to answer the phone

  • Service Providers
    Turn on business hours to automatically let users know you're closed, but get transcribed and recorded voicemails after hours to deal with later

  • Clinics and Offices
    Send callers a text message with a link to book their appointment online


Having trunkd Business Concierge is like having an additional team member added to your team and working 24/7, but for a low monthly flat fee

trunkd Click-to-Call

5 per month includes:
  • local phone number
  • 50 minutes of usage

  • *additional minutes as low as $0.025 per minute

    About Us

    trunkd and was started by a team of software and telecommunications experts as a way to make traditional telecommunications services programmable

    Our Mission is to enhance and breathe life into traditional telecommunications services and bring them into the 21st Century. We believe that voice is still one of the most personal and important ways to communicate, so we started by building trunkd Business Concierge with that in mind

    Contact Us

    For support inquirires, please e-mail support@trunkd.co
    For all other inquirires, please e-mail contact@trunkd.co

    * Additional per minute billing rates after 50 first free minutes are based on volume tiers: first 100 minutes at $0.10 per minute, minutes 101-500 at $0.05 per minute, minutes 501+ at $0.025 per minute