Business Concierge Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Concierge?

Trunkd’s Business Concierge is like having your own dedicated team member answering the phone for you. The difference is, this team member is able to take many calls at the same time, and answer the most commonly asked questions for you. This allows you to focus on why you started your business - and it wasn’t to answer the phone! You get to pick your own local phone number for your Business Concierge to serve your business. So how does it work?

  1. Setting up an account takes less than 5 minutes. You’ll enter your account details and then pick a local phone number. This will be your Business Concierge number.
  2. Set up your business details, including office hours.
  3. Link your Business Concierge number to an existing number you own - it could be your office line, cell phone, or home phone line. Once verified, this is what we call a registered phone number.
  4. Configure your Business Concierge call management settings - add a greeting, and choose to use either an AI-driven menu, or simultaneously ring multiple numbers.
  5. The power of Business concierge is in the AI-driven menu, where you can add smart replies and interact with your customers by forwarding calls to the appropriate number, or by sending them relevant text messages (like business hours or your website).
  6. We know that you don’t want to miss any customer feedback, and that’s why voicemails are transcribed and distributed via email and SMS to you and your team members.
  7. Analytics are provided so you know more about your business, who’s calling and what features are being used the most.

What is a registered phone number?
A registered phone number is a phone number (land line or cell phone) that you can add and need to verify before you can forward calls or voicemail to it. You are able to add up to 5 registered phone numbers.

How many registered phone numbers can I add?
You are able to add up to 5 registered phone numbers.

Does trunkd allow you to add registered numbers outside of the US and Canada?
No. We currently only support registered land line and cell phone numbers in the US and Canada.

Can I port in my number?
Number porting is currently unavailable, but is a feature we’re looking to add in the future. Feel free to contact for more information on number porting.

Can I get a toll free 800 number?
Toll free 800 numbers are currently unavailable, but is a feature we’re looking to add in the future. Please contact for more information.

How will I be charged? Is there a maximum number of calls, voicemails and text messages per month?
No. Business Concierge is a monthly service with a flat rate.

How will incoming call display work?
Your business number will show up when it calls or texts you, so you'll know it’s for business.

How and when will I be charged?
Business Concierge allows you to trial the service for 14 days risk free - no credit card required! Before your 14 day trial is over, enter your billing information in the Settings page in order to keep your Business Concierge number and service. You won't be charged until after your trial ends.

Once a call gets picked up and another customer calls in, is the line busy?
No. We know you don’t want to miss any calls, and your trunkd Business Concierge will always pick up, no matter how many calls come in. In addition, if you’re handling a call, voicemails will be recorded and transcribed, then emailed or texted to you so you can tend to them later.


Will my credit card details be kept safe?
All credit card information entered to your account is kept secure by Trunkd’s payment processor, which is PCI DSS Level 1 certified. We never store or see your credit card details ourselves.

What information do you store? How do you keep it secure?
We store your account information and voicemails with transcription. We actually don’t have access to your data as it’s all encrypted. For full details, please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service within the app, or at and

How is the call quality?
Calls are made behind the scenes. Unlike some other solutions where you pick up the call and use a VoIP client on your phone which is only as good as your data connection, Business Concierge makes a connection with your phone service provider, so you will get the best quality that they can provide you.

Customer Service

I'm having a problem! How do I get support?
Please send us an email at and we'll get back to you promptly.